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99 W. 12th Avenue


Sat and Sun 10AM–4PM

Architect: Daniel Libeskind, AIA & Davis Partnership Architects
Year Built: 2009
Photo Restrictions: No photos inside the building

The only one of its kind, the exhibit is a dynamic, interactive experience with content developed by world-renowned subject matter experts that provides visitors with an in-depth understanding of the history of terrorism, the methods terrorists employ, and the extent to which terrorism impacts societies around the world. Since its doors opened in 2008, the exhibit has addressed the most salient issues facing U.S. national security and has empowered citizens to help enhance community safety.

Why an exhibit about terrorism?
The CELL’s exhibit addresses the most salient global issue of our time: terrorism. From its origins to its presence in today’s world, terrorism is a subject difficult to understand. Working with terrorism experts and world-class producers and designers, the exhibit will make available to the public learning tools capable of teaching citizens about the true nature of terrorism and how it affects each and every one of us in our daily lives. The result is a more engaged public, focused on the need for community involvement and preparedness in response to the current ongoing global terrorism threat.