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33 E. Bayaud Avenue


Sat 10AM–4PM, Sun Closed

Architect: Victor Hornbein; Gifford, Spurck & Reisbeck Architects 
Year Built: 1951; 1993 Modified 
Photo Restrictions: No    

Ross-Broadway Library was originally designed by Victor Hornbein in 1951. The structure was modified in 1993 by Gifford, Spurck & Reisbeck Architects.

Ross-Broadway is nestled in the Baker Historic Neighborhood, which was originally the 160-acre homestead of William and Elizabeth Byers. Broadway, which functions as Baker’s main thoroughfare, was created by Thomas Skerritt, who according to legend, dragged a log behind him following the 1864 flood of Cherry Creek, to create a “broad way” to Denver. The area as we know it today was first developed in the 1870s, and it now boasts the largest number of Queen Anne homes in Denver as well as the Mayan Theater. In 1985, the neighborhood was designated a historic district by the National Register of Historic Places. Courtesy of the Baker Historic Neighborhood Association.